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One Solution for All Your Timekeeping Needs

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One App 

One App for timekeeping and leave management


Employees can time in/out even when offline 

Replace all existing biometric systems with the app

No Integration
Record Location

Record employees location with every time in and out

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Solutions for Manpower Agencies

  • An affordable timekeeping solution for clients and agencies.

  • Enjoy all Tubo features every month.

  • No sign-up fees.

  • No integration fees.

  • No long-term contracts.

Do you have experience with expensive HR platforms? 

Easy. Affordable.  User-Friendly.

Tubo, an affordable timekeeping solution tailored for Manpower Agencies, available at just Php 50 per employee per month with no sign-up or integration fees.

Our user-friendly app operates seamlessly on both iOS and Android platforms, replacing unreliable biometric systems and outdated manual processes. 

Tubo efficiently captures employee locations, tracks lateness, absences, and overtime, and consolidates time logs across various clients.

Tubo also manages leaves, notifies employees of request statuses, and offers flexible cancellation options, streamlining HR tasks and simplifying workforce management for all your managed employees.


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